Home office inspiration

As 2021 quickly approaches, I think the home office is in need of a make over!

So I have spent the last few days looking for inspiration, and OMG there is so much out there!

With COVID cases increasing again, it looks like a return to full time working from home, for the short term anyway.

But first some tips that are guiding my design and that I hope may assist you with your home office planning.

Pick your zone or area: If you are not lucky enough to have a spare room for an ‘entire office’, section of part of a room and have this as the dedicated office space. It’s best to pick this zone or space, based on some of the other tips below.

Select the right desk and chair: Now I’m a standing desk girl, so a chair isn’t that important to me, but if you are a sit down type of person, be sure to chose the best chair and desk, within your budget. Whatever your design style is, ensure you get the most comfortable and practical desk and chair, as sitting and working safely is more important than it just looking ‘good’!

Storage is King! Having the right storage solution can make or break your overall design. A combination of practical and stylish solutions will help make your home office space rock!

Ensure your lighting is right! Having the right light is key to looking after your eyes! If you can, it’s best to have natural light from a window in front or beside you, but if not, ensure the artificial light you have looks after not only your eyes, but is a tick to your styling design as well.

And finally some home office porn from some of my research!

It’s not working from home, it’s living at work 🤔