It’s been a wet weekend

Wild and wet weather made for a quiet weekend. In saying that, since Covid, weekends are always quiet!

We have not become complacent and are still keeping our distance from many people. Gone are the days of eating out through the week, Saturday night city staycations, busy coastal walks, hiring push bikes, going to the pub for a drink, and so much more.

In saying that we did go away for a couple of nights this week. A much needed de-stress getaway was on the cards, and it was so nice to do something different!

Now let’s not get excited, we stayed in a private place, didn’t eat out and stayed ‘away’ from people, but it was still amazing! The weather was not ideal, but at the same time it didn’t stop us from doing anything.

So it’s a Sunday night and I’m not too sure what the week ahead holds. Today was the first day nationwide that we had zero locally transmitted cases since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s so good to hear, but once again… let’s not get complacent.

The UK have gone back into lockdown, the US recorded close to 100,000 cases in one day! F@ck that just blows my mind!

So as we move into our summer and the northern hemisphere heads into winter, I pray for people to be safe and healthy and for a vaccine soon.

Yes it was a wet weekend, yes it was quiet, but yes, we have good health and each other, so we are blessed 🙏