Outdoor meetings work!

Well spring has truely sprung! And to make the most of It, I have found myself having some outdoor meetings. I’m still working from home 90% of the time due to COVID and have started doing things a little differently the last few weeks.

I’m always preaching to people, where restrictions allow, to get out and about on a regular basis to clear your mind and to get fresh air. So I have finally taken my own advice.

I’ve been doing walking meetings where I’m not leading a meeting, and have walked across the road to the park and logged on to numerous virtual meetings. It has been great. The fresh air and sunshine really does make a difference. It is clearing my mind, helping me think differently and just making me feel better.

So I thought I’d share some of the benefits of getting outside and breathing in some fresh air!

  • It helps clear your lungs
  • It lowers blood pressure and your heart rate
  • It helps you heal faster
  • It gives you more energy and mental focus
  • It can improve your digestion

So I challenge you, where practical and allowed, get outside more and take some deep breaths and reap the benefits!