Feel good baking

The smell of yummy food baking in the oven always makes me smile! I don’t care if it’s a sweet treat or something savoury, these smells can always make me smile or maybe even spark a happy memory.

Both my grandmothers were keen bakers, and as a child growing up, you would always be guaranteed something yummy whenever you went to visit.

My nan that is still alive, is still baking at the ripe age of 90. She loves it and I think the main thing that has keep her living unassisted at home, is knowing she can bake.

Today I got thinking about the benefits of baking and did some reading around it. But hey, you can read about all the benefits, but it won’t get realised if you don’t actually do anything!

Enter… Vanilla cupcakes! Pretty simple but oh so yummy!

So based on my research, did my cupcake baking deliver the following?

  1. You have directions to follow: Having steps to follow allows you to solely concentrate on the task at hand. ✔️
  2. You’re generally in control of everything: Within reason you can add flavours and customise the recipe based on what you like. 🤔
  3. Allows your creativity to shine: You get to experiment and can let your creative juices flow. 🤨
  4. A physical connection is made between your mind and body: You build a rhythm with the baking, whether that be kneading, mixing or measuring, and it can be therapeutic. 😊
  5. Sharing is a form of expression and emotion: Baking can let someone know you care and brings people together 😍

So yes, I got some of the benefits, but not all. Maybe I can get my baking on again next weekend and tick all five of the list!