Stepping outside!

Well what a week it has been! I definitely stepped right out of my comfort zone this week and ventured back into the new normal world.

It all started with a return to the office after 15 weeks of working from home, or living at work as it has also been explained to me! I was so nervous and unsure. I didn’t sleep well the night before, and in a weird way it felt like the night before Christmas! So much uncertainty about what it would be like, how I would feel, what do I do around people, and most importantly, what happens if too many people want to get in a lift with me.

I woke up well before my alarm went off and started off the day by ‘dressing up’ for the first time in what felt like a lifetime! I visited my work trip coffee shop on the way and it started to feel like normal. Until I got about 10 mins from the office. The anxiety levels kicked in and I started to freak out. But it’s funny how the smallest thing can put you at ease. As I turned onto the Cahill Expressway there was the most beautiful rainbow greeting me… it was a sign that everything was going to be OK. At that point I broke down in tears, but quickly wiped them away and before I knew it I had parked and was walking into the foyer of our work building. I didn’t see a single person and just like that I was unpacking everything at my desk, and was welcomed back by the most amazing view of the harbour city!

Now let’s not get too excited. I only went back for two days, but it felt good and it was so nice to connect with people again. Driving didn’t worry me at all and I quite enjoyed my normal drive to work routine; stop for a chai, choose a podcast and start the 45-60 minute commute. I forgot how much I missed listening to podcasts and don’t know why I haven’t listened to them whilst I have been at home. In hindsight, it would have been a great way to kill time during lock down and keep some type of normal.

One night this week we also went to a friends house for dinner which was great, but it was also our first time out somewhere ‘with’ other people. It was so nice and great to enjoy others’ company!

The week ended with a night out, and it felt so weird, but also amazing!! A night out enjoying amazing food and celebrating a milestone birthday. It felt SO good to once again, dress up (and wear that new leather skirt that I purchased during lockdown!), eat amazing food and just enjoy the company of my amazing girlfriends. And what made it even more special was the random fireworks show!

But it’s important not to relax and think its all OK. If we become too relaxed and don’t practice good hygiene we could so quickly be straight back into lockdown. It’s scary what’s happening in Melbourne at the moment and I pray to all the Gods that it soon becomes contained and we can all stay safe and healthy.

There are so many questions on my mind though. Did we relax restrictions to soon, did I go back into the office too quickly, am I just worried about nothing at all. Only I can answer these questions though, but with the love and support of my hubby and furbaby, I know that whatever happens I am in good hands.