Sunday afternoon’s done right!

Time out for self care is so important, and I’ve just made sure I start my week the right way.

Not that it’s a cold winters day, but as the afternoon was starting to get cool, I thought why not relax and be thankful for everything I have. So I took some time out and had a relaxing bath.

There are many proven benefits for taking a bath, so my research/ quick google search tells me….

It can improve heart health

It may help you breath easier

It can benefit your muscles, joints and bones

It can balance your hormones

It can help create the optimal body temperature

But what happens if you have a glass of wine at the same time?? In my mind, the benefits are greater!!

Anyway… I always light a few candles, turn the lights off, and for a little while, just forget about everything. Such a perfect way to end the weekend and set myself up for success for a great week.