When colouring is good for the mind

Research has found that colouring is good for you. Apparently it has the ability to induce the same state of mind as meditation, as it relaxes the fear part of our brain, the amygdala.

So I jumped on the band wagon this long weekend and decided to give it a go.

Initially, it wasn’t quite like I remembered. As a child colouring, I was pretty carefree and just coloured without thinking too much. Yes I had to pick what colour to use, but really, that’s as heavy as it got.

As adults, we generally aren’t that carefree though, well I’m not anyway. We can be so critical of ourselves, which in turn, moves us to a threat state that sparks the limbic part of our brain to take charge.

You went outside the lines.

Those colours don’t go together.

The colouring isn’t heavy enough.

Well that just looks stupid!

Just some of the thoughts that initially went through my mind. But, as I got into it and let the rational part of my brain take charge, I felt different.

Maybe it was the dopamine being released, I don’t know, but I felt at ease and wasn’t thinking about anything else. I was being mindful. I actually started to enjoy it, and before I knew it, ninety minutes had past!

Now I’m not saying I’m hooked but I’m going to give it a crack! As part of a way of winding down, and being mindful, I’m going to start by colouring two nights a week, and then I’ll take it from there.

As an adult, do you colour and do you find it as a relaxation technique?