These days turned out nothing like I had planned

Oh what a night, or forty minutes as it turned out! I’ve always been a Powderfinger fan and their One Night Lonely concert last night didn’t disappoint!!

It took me back to 2010 to their farewell tour, and my terrible photography below. I went to the first and last Sydney farewell concert that year. And in between it all, I had a work trip to Perth.

I was spending three nights in Perth and was staying at the hotel near Kings Park.. can’t remember what it was called! I remember when I arrived and the hotel, staff told me that Powderfinger were staying there. My excitement got the better of me… I went looking for them, going to the top floors and hoping that maybe I would pass them. The night of the last concert in Perth at the Park, I went outside so I could hear them. I remember it well, it was a beautiful spring night.

My flight back to Sydney was early on the Saturday morning, and as I waited for my taxi, a guy walked out of the hotel and asked if he could get a cab with me. As it turned out, Powderfinger paid for that cab ride. Little did I know, that until half way to the airport, that the guy sitting in the cab next to me was Powderfinger’s Manager.

I knew their next round of concerts was in Darwin and he told me what time their flight was… bummer, I would miss them at the airport because my flight home was earlier. It’s amazing how circumstance happens. I got on the plane home, and after about thirty minutes on the tarmac, we were escorted off the plane. So back to the Lounge it was.

I was so tired, so got back to the Lounge and tried to sleep. Around 30 minutes past and I awoke from my dribbling sleep.. to my surprise, when I woke up, guess who was sitting next to me in the Lounge?? None other than Powderfinger!!!!

So you are most likely asking what did I say to them, did I get photos… no none of that… I froze and and just sat there in awe!

And awe was what I was in last night… please, please, please, give Australia what they want.. a live reunion tour once the new normal is here.

Thank you Powderfinger for putting a smile on my face, having me dance and sing in my lounge room, and more importantly, have me forget about this pandemic we are living through x

Source: thanks to for photos