It’s what everyone is asking

There seems to be lots of questions this week.. if we can’t do it now, then when can we?

With restrictions continuing to ease, I am asking myself and other people lots of questions. When do you think the market will pick up, when will people feel comfortable coming back into the office, when can I go to my favourite holiday destinations?? And a couple of important ones, but not life critical… when can I get my hair done and go and have a facial!!

Things are starting to return to the new normal, but not everyone is comfortable with the return. I myself am having mixed emotions. I so badly just want to get on with things, but I am so paranoid that I will contract the virus. It may be stupid to some, but I am still wearing a face mask when I go to the supermarket and we still aren’t really going anywhere. We have health conditions that mean we need to take extra precautions, but when will we feel comfortable not taking these precautions?

I’m sure as you are reading this you may have some of the answers, but really, I need to answer these questions for myself. I hope soon that I will have the answers to my questions, and that I will seek comfort in what the new normal is.

I am a people person, I get my energy from people. But something weird is happening to me. After 10 weeks of self isolation, I’m actually worried about what the new normal will be like. I’ve become a home body and am quite comfortable not being around people. My energy levels are different, and the things I used to love doing, like connecting with people, I’m actually feeling a little worried about.

I am conscious of ensuring I look after my mental health during this time, as I hope many of you also are. I’m lucky I have by gorgeous husband to always put a smile on my face and make me feel better. We have our beautiful furbaby that provides continual unconditional love, and it’s these two things that are keeping me safe and well, most of the time.

Three simple words can make such a difference… R U OK? Be sure to read the signs of those close to you and check in with them. Trust your gut and if they aren’t OK be sure to get help for them. There are so many support services here in Australia that are here to help us get through this. Whether it is Lifeline, Beyond Blue, R U OK, SANE Australia, Black Dog Institute and Headspace, they are here to help.

So my message is clear and simple, if you need help and are saying not now, then when will you put your hand up and ask for help?