Now I understand the hype

People lining up for discounted ski wear ( well not this year), arguments over the one seater arm chair, and every sale ‘week’ possible, have been draw cards for many to our favourite German retailer.

I must admit, I never really understood the hype with it all, and would maybe drop in every now and then and buy a half case of Corona!

Well that has all changed! I don’t know if it’s COVID related but I love my regular shops there now. Maybe it was about having a different shopping experience because my usual favourite stores were closed, and I needed some type of outing during self isolation.

But yep, I’m now a convert!! I’m not saying I’m one of the hardcore shoppers that line up (now 1.5m apart) each weekend, and make it my purpose in life to study the App and catalogues religiously. But.. I do have a sneaky look at the App every now and then, and when I walk out with my usual weekly shop, more and more often, I also have a random piñata, hammock or some power drill that I know I will never use!