Keep on truckin

There are so many frontline workers that have given up the safety and security of isolation in their homes, in order to keep some type of normality for us. These unsung hero’s have done an amazing job, and I am personally thankful for everything they have done.

The silent frontline worker I would like to acknowledge today are all the truck drivers.

Whilst we sit at home eating our home cooked meals from the groceries we bought at the supermarket, and drinking our alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages, they are the ones who ensured that we could! The everyday consumables, that we found ourselves hoarding during COVID, would not have made their way to the supermarket shelves without them commuting them from the many warehouses across Australia.

Truckies, as I call them, sometimes get a bad wrap. What has been amazing to watch during this pandemic is how thankful we have been for everything they do. They sit in their trucks each day, driving hundreds of kilometres, just so we can get what we need. Whether that be groceries, mail, medical supplies, or even the odd online shopping order, if it wasn’t for them, god forbid, we would still be hoarding toilet paper!!