Gotta love human behaviour!

I got to thinking earlier this week, when I went to the supermarket, how crazy we all got at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I think back to the end of February when my boss said to us, ‘I experienced SARS in Asia, make sure you have your essentials in the pantry’. A few of us at work were like ‘whatever’, but secretly went and got hand sanitizer and stock piled the freezer. Little did we know what would happen with the whole toilet paper fiasco!

Human behaviour is intriguing to me. Why do we feel the need to stock pile stuff we don’t need, or haven’t even used before, on the premise that we may need it, or even worse.. we may not be able to get it.

Our minds entice us to hoard things because we think they may become valuable one day. Well that kind of rang true during the worst of COVID didn’t it. People were selling toilet paper on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money, and what made it worse.. people actually paid that ridiculous amount of money for it!

Whether it was toilet paper, hand sanitiser, wipes, pasta, flour, mince, paper towels, hand wash.. it turned us into crazy people, because for a moment, if we didn’t have this stuff, we thought our lives would end!

I’m reflecting on all of this today, a day that from an international perspective, we sit back and reflect on the great work that our nurses do. Thank you to all the nurses (and other front line workers that I will acknowledge in future posts) that have have gone to work to help protect us. You are all amazing and we are thankful a million times over, times infinity, for everything you do.

Last week, I watched a Four Corners episode on the ABC, that followed frontline medical workers over a five week period. It was fascinating and humbling to watch. Their diaries of what they felt, experienced and witnessed, had me smiling, crying, clapping, and being in absolute awe of what they do.

So my closing message tonight is, no matter what it is you are doing during COVID-19 to keep yourself and others safe, I appreciate it.