Music is life, that why our heart has beats ❤️

I grew up listening to music. The record player in the corner of the dining room was worth every cent my parents paid for it! We had plenty of LP’s and 45s, and yes it was always a fine art placing the needle into the right groove.

Both my Mum and Dad liked music, and I suppose that rubbed off on me. Playing the records as loud as we were allowed to was my favourite. What was even better was the album covers that had the words… made bad singing so much more fun.

I remember The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Boy George, The Herman Hermits and all the Grease songs on a 45! There was nothing better than saving pocket money, or begging Mum and Dad to spend $2.95 on a 45 from The Trading Post, or even better, lay-buying an album!

I’ve always been a firm believer that music connects people, and that for a moment, you forget about everything, and just listen to the music. That’s what I love about concerts, for the time you are there, most people forget about what’s keeping them awake at night, and just enjoy.

My music tastes are wide and varied, and I think that shows my love of music. To prove this, here is a wide genre of live concerts I’ve been to: Powderfinger, Michael Buble, Rod Stewart, Bruno Mars, Kylie, Robbie Williams, Keith Urban, Elton John, Madonna, Shania Twain, Metallica, Pink, Matchbox 20, Eminem, Destiny’s Child, Adele, Ed Sheran, John Farnham, Lenny Kravitz, Guns n Roses, and so many more!

And the reason I’m writing about music is because I watched One World Together At Home on the weekend. I loved it, although it was not what I expected. For a period of time, although not top of mind, most people forgot about the uncertain times we are living in and just enjoyed the music! Since the weekend, I’ve listened to it again on Apple Music.

So, however you chose to listen to music… drop everything and listen to a song you haven’t heard in a while and smile… any maybe dance as well 😍