When all of this is over….

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said, ‘once things are back to normal we must do that’, then I’d have enough money to do all of the below and a bit more!

Like many of us, here are some things I won’t take for granted anymore and what I want to do once we are allowed.

Going to some of my favourite holiday or weekend away places: NSW South Coast, Melbourne, Palm Cove, Gold Coast, Blue Mountains, Outback Australia, Hunter Valley, NSW North Coast, Margaret River, New Zealand and my favourite, New York!

Places I’ve never been to but want to: Kangaroo Island, Phillip Island, Ayers Rock and The Top End, some where tropical, Adelaide Hills, and maybe a heap of other places! Mostly, I want to support Australian destinations and those affected by bushfires, and now COVID-19.

Being able to do what I want when I want: Dining out (oh how much I miss this!), people watching in public places, going out for breakfast after a nice long walk, seeing live music, going to concerts and musicals, day spas, my weekly massages….oh and so much more!

Things I won’t take for granted: Being able to spend time with my family and friends, going to work and actually interacting with people, window shopping, hugging people, taking my fur baby to the vet and having a physical consult and not a virtual one, and seeing as though, according to Myers-Briggs, I’m an extrovert, simply being around people!

All of the above I want so much it hurts, but in order to keep everyone safe and kick COVID-19 in the butt, I am willing to pause for as long as needed.